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I'm not as new here as I used to be.

Dayv is my name. Pronouced "deɪv" to use IPA notation, without brakets, however.

  • I've recently created my first new article, on Jack_Dangers. Please let me know what you think!

I wholeheartedly support Wikipedia's NPOV position. I intend for my personal bias to show in what I choose to edit (if at all), not in the edits I make, which may lead one to think I am a killjoy. I especially seem a killjoy when I revert vandalism that I actually agree is kind of funny. However, entrenched debates about what is or isn't NPOV are a gigantic pain; this is why I'm mostly keeping my nose out of the Anarchism snafu.

Sometimes I forget to log in, and my edits are noted only by whatever IP I'm currently at. I hate that. But I'm not going to leave my account logged in at work, either.

I've "adopted" the Julian Cope article in particular, working over time with aspirations of making it a top-notch article. That doesn't mean I own the article, of course, it just means I'll be checking back on it frequently and adding things periodically. Of course, since putting this in my profile, I've barely touched it.

My main interests are politics and music, but I'll edit any article in which I see an improvement to be made.

Constructive criticism is the only useful kind. Candy criticism might be nice but I prefer coffee criticism. I like my coffee like I like my women humor: black and bitter.


This section is an area I'm using as a notepad. Things here may or may not later be used in a wikipedia entry somewhere.

Birth Caul

Moon and Serpent

Snakes and Ladders

Highbury Working

Angel Passage